Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bryan Schutmaat is an American (USA) photographer

Bryan Schutmaat's photography has been widely exhibited and published in USA and abroad. This talented photographer was born in Texas, and now is living in Brooklyn, but his works cover some more distant places in America - amazing, poetical, but at the same time sharply realistic. His latest project Grays that Mountain Sends, which won first prize in the Aperture portfolio contest, was shot with large format camera and inspired by poetry of Richard Hugo. The series were also published as a book. See dark American West through Schutmaat's lens.

"I've long been intrigued by the West – its geography, history, beauty, myths; those familiar things that make people feel that westward pull. Although small and sometimes desolate, these towns convey a rich sense of history and labor heritage. I wanted to analyze them from the perspective of the workers who shaped them. This called to mind the rugged, individual efforts that founded the West – the things men have built, what they've hoped for, what they can be proud of, what got away from them, and what fell between the cracks. I could see all of this reflected in the beaten environment as well, as if there was a visual and emotional commonality amongst the people and the place. Something that's obvious but often overlooked is the fact that human effort and experience is recorded on the surfaces of everyday scenes. So in these mountain towns, which seem far from the American Dream, every structure built and later abandoned is a relic of hope."

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