Monday, December 22, 2014

Trey Maurice, street photographer based in New Orleans

"I’m Trey Maurice born Morris Brown III, a local active street photographer based in New Orleans, LA. The first time I took the experience was on a filmmaking open house visit to New York City in the summer of 2010. I leisurely just shot buildings but I couldn’t help the obvious fact of so many people on the streets. People there were more interesting to shoot and it was then that I found the addiction. In 2011, I took most of the year off to focus on my busy postal job at time before being laid off, and since then I have been shooting more consistently. My plans before then were to direct films and documentaries but with the high cost of film production, I chose to put it on hold for a while. I realized that telling stories with street photography is more cheaper, quicker and easier without completely abandoning my love for both arts."
Trey Maurice.

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