Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wilhelm Staehle is an American artist (silhouettes)

Hermetic visual artist Wilhelm Staehle lives in a small, dark place alongside taxidermied creatures. The creepy yet intriguing Staehle, who was a former art director for book publisher Harper Collins, has turned cutting simplistic silhouettes that strike through the usual layers with wit and verity into his profession. 

« Wilhelm Staehle is a horribly disfigured gentleman who often frightens small children when passing by. While hermitting himself in his sprawling estate on the western coast of the Americas, he divides his free time between sporting for fox hunters and dressing his broad collection of taxidermy. He also finds time to craft silhouettes. He begs you to enjoy them. Or at least refrain from informing him if you do not. » Wilhelm Staehle

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