Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Laurent Chéhère (French, b.1972), photographer

Laurent Chéhère (French, born 1972) only began exhibiting his photography in 2012—before then, he was solely known as an award-winning editorial and commercial photographer. A shift in interest led Chéhère to leave advertising behind to travel around the world. It was during this that he began to kindle his love for architecture and its narrative possibilities. Chéhère’s most famous series, titled “Flying Houses” (2012–), is comprised of fictional buildings suspended above backdrops of clouded skies. Each image is a composite of up to a dozen real buildings, homes, tents, and trailers that Chéhère has photographed in similar lighting conditions, and composited using Photoshop. Chéhère describes the series as a means to help buildings tell their stories, whether “real or not, funny or sad.”

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