Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hugh Lippe is an American (USA) fashion photographer

Growing up in a small suburban Texan town “where most stereotypes resonated in some form or fashion”, Hugh Lippe lived with what he describes as good Christian parents and three brothers. They were close enough to Dallas to have an urban influence but settled next to a large man-made lake, where he was exposed to some colourful influences and where football, sports, hunting and masculinity were important. Early on, and perhaps as some form of redemption, he developed an eye for the ‘mundane’ and began taking pictures in search of honesty. His fascination with photography eventually landed him to Brooklyn where he spent several years living out what he now considers the dark days – admitting “I literally lost my 20s” – but thanks that experience for his appreciation of life today. “Throughout all ups and downs I constantly took refuge in the arts whether that be music or something hanging on the wall,” he says. “It was this attraction to creativity that enabled me a unique perspective through which to view every scenario.” Moving on from his crazy loft existence and his classmates, Lippe now lives in the East Village with his wife Heather in a “small but beautiful apartment” where he goes about his art in the most straightforward way possible. “I love photography and have been in love with it way before I matured or had to stress about responsibilities,” he says. “I have become a bit more blunt as the realities and politics surrounding getting images out there surface.” (from http://www.russhmagazine.com/arts-music/artists/hugh-lippe/)

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