Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paul Baldesare is a London photographer

Paul Baldesare is a London photographer whose work has been regularly published and exhibited and is in public and private collections. He has carried out several long term documentary projects since 1983 and received an Arts Council National Lottery Grant in 1997-8 to continue his English Carnivalproject.

«I was born and still live and work in London as a photographer and teacher. My work has been published and exhibited in a variety of different fields with some of it finding its way into public and private collections. I continue to work on long term personal projects and have done so since 1983. Most of my projects are shot in and around London simply because that’s where I live and work and the place that has influenced me emotionally and visually since a child. In the last three decades the fabric of London has undergone many changes and it is these changes that have increasingly influenced the projects I’ve undertaken.
Most of my photography is shot candidly. This allows me to be more spontaneous and objective to the subject. It also means that I’m not influencing the outcome of the scene and allows it to unravel in the same way as if I wasn’t there. This is very important to me. » Paul Baldesare

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