Thursday, June 5, 2014

Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt (b. 1947) is a Belgian photographer, Agence Vu

Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt is a Belgian photographer. Born in 1947. Lives in Brussels.
While one of his favourite subjects has been dogs (to which he has devoted an entire book), it would be totally unfair to reduce Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt’s amusing but sad work to anything less than a troubling look into the relationships between pets and their masters.
Coming from a tradition of reportage linked intimately with the press, he began his personal work with ensembles devoted to the “Concours belges” and immigrants to his country. Since he began looking through his Leica’s viewfinder, he has created pure and elegant photographs marked by a constant sense of humour. This balance has allowed him to adopt a fair and playful distance from what is going on before his eyes. His resulting compositions are arranged with a steady eye while managing to transform real life moments into often mysterious images without reverting to the anecdotal.
Although he often provokes a smile, this initial reaction turns instantly to a series of questions on the nature of what he is showing us. His effective use of reflections is especially troubling in this regard. In this sense – or the absence of sense – he acknowledges the attitudes or situations of his subjects.

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