Thursday, June 5, 2014

Katrin Koenning is a German photographer, based in Australia

« I was born and raised in Germany’s Ruhrgebiet, once the country’s prime area for industry. I come from a family of storytellers.
My mother, who loves books and forests and ships, comes from a family of sailors. My father, who partly grew up in Colombia, was son to a painter and a gallerist. My great-grandfather, whom I never met, sang at the Berlin Opera. In his spare time he made pictures of mountains.
When I was little I wanted to be a painter, a singer or an astronaut. We had no money for the stars, so after trying my luck in different realms of storytelling, I relocated to Australia for love and to study the Visual. Today I am involved in various forms of image making, teaching and writing. As distance is part of my migrant identity, themes of place and belonging underpin much of my work. Having arrived in my 30’s, I have come to understand two things:
a) you can always see Orion, and
b) all you need to travel to the stars is the mind.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia, and represented by Edmund Pearce Gallery. » Katrin Koenning.

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