Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Massimo Leardini is an Italian photographer

Massimo Leardini is born in Cattolica (Italy), lives in Oslo since 1987 with his wife and two children. His work with it´s unique esthetic, has rapidly propelled him to the forefront of photographers. He is one of the most sought after photographers in Norway and has received several awards and prices. His photography has a strong editorial profile. Some will say the pictures show a relationship to a classical tradition and might be experienced as timeless. He eternalizes the moment and mixes it with poetry and beauty - visualizing something unsaid, something thought, seen or felt. He is versatile although he keeps the essence of his photographical expression intact through a strong dedication to his vision, which has become a trademark. 
Massimo´s clients are in the field of magazines, publicity, design, fashion, art and decoration. He published 5 books with his own work. 

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