Friday, March 7, 2014

Lorena Morin is a based Spain photographer

Lorena Morin is a photographer and a mother of 4, based in Las Palmas, Spain, living with Ary van Giesen from Netherlands. They organize photography encounters with photographers willing to share their inspirations and very personal way of telling unique stories. In these workshops, internationally renowned artists meet emerging photographers from all around the world. This project is called Insights Project. You can also find them on Facebook , where they share some very inspirational works.

"Lorena Morin  shares her most private moments through images that reflect the tumultuous harmony of her daily life. It is a universe of love and motherhood that she displays without filters, exposing very private corners, things that happen every day within the walls of her house – on the beds and the furniture, in the kitchen or in the bathtub – and that she grasps like mirages of her reality before they slip away. With a common aesthetic that weaves a tapestry from the different faces of her daily life, Lorena asks us to look inside her most private spaces and watch these intimate scenes, images that she fetishises one by one. She studies herself and makes us study her surroundings so that we can understand her passions, her family and the intense relationships she has built with every one of its members. She bares herself to the public without trepidation, exhibiting an unedited diary of images in which she documents the dreamlike nature of her routine and the burning heart of her happiness. » Silvia Rodríguez

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