Monday, February 3, 2014

Vicky Althaus (b.1990) is a Swiss photographer

Vicky Althaus (b.1990) is a Swiss photographer
« I was born the 15th june 1990 in Lausanne, Switzerland where I’m still living now. I’ve been interested in photography for many years. 
I started studying at the CEPV (centre d’enseignement professionel de Vevey), then I continued learning in a second formation more focused on my personal work which I’m sill following now.
My first approach of photography was made through Art, when I began studying it at school. Cinema has also been an important source of inspiration for me. I have always been very sensitive to these ways of communication.
My work is guided by the human figure. I’m fascinated by its behavior and its relationship with the idea of animality. Photography is the way I can show my vision of the world. I like to observe light, play with composition, colors and the people I’m working with. » Vicky Althaus.

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