Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ryan Schude (USA), editorial, advertising, and fine art photographer

Ryan Schude, Los Angeles based, editorial, advertising, and fine art photographer.
Los Angeles photographer, Ryan Schude, has been creating new photographic worlds by combining a mixture of humor, chaos, constructed environments, and ironic fun. Ryan is a photographer who does it all, producing commercial, stock, editorial, and fine art imagery and he’s a man of few words as evidenced by his refreshing bio:
1979 – 1997 – Greater Chicagoland Area – growing, climbing, playing
1997 – 2003 – San Francisco Bay – reading, writing, learning
2003 – 2006 – San Diego – shooting, driving, flying
2006 – Current – Los Angeles – making, lotsa, stuff

There’s an barely–contained energy in Ryan Schude’s work, as if an electric current runs through every shot. Whether he’s photographing one person or twenty, there’s always a sense of something Happening, of whimsical action about to occur. And while one can spend serious amounts of time perusing the intricate details of his larger scenes, the big picture is just as rich as the smaller flourishes.

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