Monday, February 10, 2014

Ren Hang (b.1987, China) is a provocative photographer

Ren Hang, photographer, poet.
Born in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, in 1987; based in Beijing.
He has had multiple solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.
Photography works have been published in both Chinese and international magazines and books.
His work is deliberately provocative and explicit, sometimes it is too much for the artist’s homeland where the highly conservative society and its conventional codes in art and communication do not gladly accept Ren Hang’s work and of other young artists who are the new generation of the Chinese cultural reawakening. Ren Hang has been invited by artist Ai Weiwei for the group exhibition “Fuck Off” in The Netherlands showcasing the new wave of the 21st century Chinese art scene.
Ren Hang’s work has banned in many galleries in China. Despite this, he has been exhibited widely in Russia, Italy, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Austria and China as well.
He has already published four monography books.
Winner of Premio Terna 03 (Terna Prize for Contemporary Art) in 2010.
Published solo photography books: Ren Hang, Room, Nude, My Depression and Republic.
Ren Hang lives and works in Beijing.

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