Friday, February 7, 2014

Lana Slezic is a Canadian photojournalist

Lana Slezic is an award winning photographer of international acclaim. She studied photojournalism and interned at the Magnum Photo Agency in New York. She’s worked for The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star for two years and her clients now include The New York Times, Paris Match Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine and a host of others. Lana is represented by Panos Picture Agency in the UK and the Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts gallery in Toronto and has shown her work in galleries and auctions in Europe and North America. Lana’s first photography book, Forsaken, was published in Fall 2007 in seven countries.
Canadian-born Lana Slezic is a photographer whose striking images trace the roughened edges of life. Slezic focuses on realities she feels acutely empassioned by – from the quiet resilience of Dubrovnik, to the Mennonites in all their simple splendour. Slezic’s images don’t idle, they leap – and simmer and brew.
Using a local photographer’s old box camera in a Kabul market, Lana Slezic started taking these extraordinary pictures of Afghan women and girls – a subject she had focused on in her book project Forsaken - in 2007.
As she slowly familiarised herself with the etiquette of taking pictures of women in Afghanistan, realising that women would be more likely to agree when not accompanied by a man, Lana started to create unique images of these women, so often overlooked in the haze of conflict.

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