Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fox Harvard is an American fashion & portrait photographer

Fox Harvard is currently a US-based fashion & portrait photographer. Born in Tampa and raised in Sarasota, he’s a native Floridian who currently resides in the Tampa Bay area. Fox began private art lessons in adolescence and went on to attend a private performing arts high school before proceeding to study Studio Arts at the University of South Florida. He attributes his present style to applying the same creative approach to photography as he did to painting. The majority of his work possesses an overtly uninhibited and cinematic flair, incorporating strong emotive and sentimental qualities that regardless of subject matter, seem to allude to a time not long forgotten. His work captures the undisguised beauty of the people he works with and simultaneously professes an undying love for elegance & sensuality.
Fox’s dedication to constantly creating shows an almost obsessive nature that resonates in his imagery; his recent works are soon to be released in a collector's book from Editions du LIC, due out in hardback this summer. Recent exhibitions include shows at Feroce's in Lyon, France, and Ono Arte in Bologna, Italy. His commercial work can be seen online for clients such as, and is represented by Vogue's Art+Commerce site. His editorial pieces can continually be found in arts & fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia, Esquire Magazine, Art Magazine Deutschland, Creem Magazine NY,Mint Magazine UK, Duemila Arts & Culture Magazine Italy, Remark Magazine, and Sex+Design, among others.

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