Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elta Alimemaj (b.1980) is an Albanian photographer

Elta Alimemaj (b.1980) is an Albanian photographer.
She live in Italy where she’ve studied Social Psychology and Cultural Anthropology.

In the last few years, her photographs have been published in various books and exhibitions in Italy and Spain. Currently she work on photographic projects in order to raise awareness of social issues and have an active consciousness.
For my photographs I use as models only my friends. When I was little my mother took me everywhere with her friends. I spied on their conversations in silence and in the meantime I learned what women say about their bodies and what they do not, how the intimacy of women's bodies is constructed, and how this intimacy is built. In my projects, my friends are actively participating and during the shooting, photographs the women and the photographer often are imperfect, banal and some of the projects are just invented catching spontaneous pictures. There is no perfect photograph and there is not a perfect model. My models and i investigate and experiment the “not perfect photography”.
I investigate in my photographs how the body is culturally constructed. I have also many self-portraits in which I often use long exposures. Lately I've been experimenting with pinhole photography.” Elta Alimemaj

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