Friday, February 21, 2014

Édouard Boubat (1923–1999) was a French photojournalist and art photographer

Édouard Boubat (1923–1999) was a French photojournalist and art photographer.
Boubat was born in Montmartre, Paris. He studied typography and graphic arts at the École Estienne and worked for a printing company before becoming a photographer. In 1943 he was subjected to service du travail obligatoire, forced labour of French people in Nazi Germany, and witnessed the horrors of World War II. He took his first photograph after the war in 1946 and was awarded the Kodak Prize the following year. He travelled the world for the French magazine Réalités and later worked as a freelance photographer. French poet Jacques Prévert called him a "peace correspondent" as he was apolitical and photographed uplifting subjects.

"To me, photography is like a quest, or a pilgrimage, or a hunt. I love painting, I love music, but photography is what has allowed me to get outside of myself. If I were eighteen years old, I would take up drawing; if I were four years old, I would study music. But if I were seventy-five, I would continue to photograph." Édouard Boubat 

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