Monday, January 6, 2014

Donna Ferrato is a renowned photojournalist whose seminal work on domestic violence

Donna Ferrato is a renowned photojournalist whose seminal work on domestic violence opened up – for the first time – the hidden world that people did not want to confront. The corresponding book, Living with the Enemy, Aperture 1991, went through four printing The mission of her “I am Unbeatable” campaign is to save lives, to end suffering, to lead young women away from the cycle of domestic violence to freedom. Her work was featured on the cover of Time twice and then she took the story into the White House for a private meeting with Hillary Clinton.
Donna has evolved from her photojournalism roots and has become an artist whose subject is where she calls home. Anyone who runs across her on these downtown streets can tell you, she is seldom without her Leica.
Ferrato has been a member of the Executive Board of Directors for the W. Eugene Smith Fund; she was the president and founder of Domestic Abuse Awareness (a 501-c3) and she is now a member of Facing Change Documenting America (FCDA). Recognized many times with professional honors (W. Eugene Grant, Robert F. Kennedy Award for Outstanding Coverage of the Plight of the Disadvantaged, International Women in Media Courage in Journalism Award, Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism, and the city of New York officially declared “Donna Ferrato Appreciation Day” for her work as a women’s advocate.)
Michael Imperioli, actor, writer and TriBeCa resident, said, “Donna Ferrato miraculously manages to capture TriBeCa from two completely distinct points of view at the same time. She can stand at a distance with the objective eye of a compassionate, awestruck outsider as well as take us inside the heart of our big city hamlet with the love and care that only a native could possibly possess.”

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