Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chen Wenling (陈文令) (b.1969) is a contemporary sculptor from China

Chen Wenling (陈文令) (b.1969) from Anxi, China, is recognized as one of the top ten contemporary sculptors in the international art industry today, exhibiting in a number of prestigious exhibitions such as Art Basel in Switzerland and the Shanghai Biennale. Chen Wen Ling graduated from Xiamen Academy of Art and Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.
Chen Wen Ling’s sculptural works encompasses many meanings, which revolves around the manifestations of extreme humanity and immaterial images in a consumption society. Many of his works are metaphors of the messages he conveys about his view on society.

The use of bright red colour in presenting the boys depicts not only the symbolic and auspicious colour considered by Chinese traditions but also, a testament of the artist’s fiery attitude towards life. The Red Boys, naked and free have nothing to hide. Simple and true- a direct communication with nature and a conversation between society and people is what Chen Wen Ling’s works communicate to the audiences. The cheeky expressions and arresting poses is a celebratory call to the audiences-embracing the inner child in every viewer.

In Chen Wen Ling’s latest series of work, Chen Wen Ling has a change of front on his art concept. He gave full scope to his imagination, borrowed the methods of appropriation, assemblage and translation from post-modern concept. That is, blending and transforming the natural, traditional and modern images, creating a kind of surrealistic and fantastic scene of the so-looked mountain and stone. The fantastic mountains and stones are shaped to ambiguous things subjectively, like melting iceberg, or gigantic deer, also seems like traditional pavilion. The bottom of the sculpture looks like melting ice, while the top of the pavilion is beautifully carved drops. This twisty, fragmentized and unrealistic phantasm reappeared vividly a quiescent pure world and a sense of realistic alienation.
The juxtaposition of "personification" and "hypostatization" is a method acquired by Chen in his exploration of art. He adopts this method nonstop in his series of works so that it multiplies and gains more value, forming a developing momentum propelled by a self-sufficient driving power within.

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