Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cécilia Jauniau is a french photographer and painter

Name: Cécilia JauniauHometown: Paris. I was born in Dijon (France). My mother and my grand mother was born in Tunisia. My family is French, Italian and Greek. I grew up successively between my mother and my father.Style of photography: I can’t answer that question. Romantic?Type of camera(s): Nikon D700, Minolta X700, Leica 

What gives you inspiration?
My desires.

What are your influences?
Artists who exhibit their intimity or the intimity of others. For example: Jan Saudeck, Nan Goldin (The ballad of sexual dependency), Diane Arbus, Alexandre Rodtchenko (the portrait of Mayakovsky), John Cassavetes (movies with his wife Gena Rowland), Larry Clark, Susan Meiselas (Carnival Strippers, Writers) also Jean Genet, Alberto Moravia and Marguerite Duras.
Some Minimalist, constructivist and uncluttered compositions and also some works of Pierrette Bloch, Mark Rothko, Joe Deal and the works of contemporary artists.
The poetry of Rinko Kawauchi and Todd Hido.
The detail of the composition, its mystery or its tension make the picture!

Why did you choose these photos?
To show the beginning of the story of my life and my work. The familiar environment and the atmosphere where I grew up. Series of still life which inaugurate a style of composing and the idea of the confrontation between a natural world and an artificial world (as opposition between human instinct and formalism). Now, I do more photographical portraits and abstract or figurative drawings of women. 

What does photography mean to you?
Photography is the way to read the insides of life. I try to capture the individuality of my models through my portraits and to show my own obsessions.


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