Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brad Elterman is a professional photographer from Beverly Hills, California, who addressed the rock 'n' roll lifestyle in Hollywood

Brad Elterman is a professional photographer from Beverly Hills, California, who addressed the rock 'n' roll lifestyle in Hollywood encompassing pop,punk and rock bands that included the Faces with Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Sex Pistols, the Runaways, Bebe Buell, Kiss, Queen,Blondie, the Ramones, Bay City Rollers, Abba, Boney M, Kenny Rogers, The Who, Leif Garrett, Michael Jackson, among others. Some of the magazines, newspapers and other publications that he contributed to include Creem Magazine, Circus Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, People Magazine, Hit Parader, New York Post, National Enquirer, "New Musical Express", and Melody Maker.
Fall 2010 saw the publication of Elterman's fine art coffee table book, Like It Was Yesterday published by Seventy Seven Press, LLC. The book featured in L'Officiel France, Vogue Brazil, Rolling Stone Brazil, Rocking On Japan, Rolling Stone Japan, MOJO, Monster Children and Vice.
This is the third photo agency for co-founder Brad Elterman  who in 1974, sold his first photograph of Bob Dylan to a British newspaper. Brad Elterman went on to open the first ever West Coast celebrity photo agency, California Features International, Inc. in 1980.
In 1985, Brad Elterman authored, with Stann Findelle and Toby Mamis, SHOOT THE STARS: How To Become A Celebrity Photographer which brought him television appearances on Oprah, CNN and The Tom Synder Show.
In 1992, he co-founded Online USA, Inc. and then went on to sell the company to Getty Images in 2000. CBS Market watch hailed the deal as " Deal Of The Day".
In 2006, Brad Elterman met Henry Flores, a young entrepreneur who was already starting to create his own photo agency, Out Of Sight Media, LLC. Together they formed, Buzz Foto, a global photo agency with Paparazzi As An Art Form!  as its trademarked Slogan.

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