Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Paul McDonough is an american photographer

Raised in New Hampshire, Paul McDonough attended the New England School of Art in Boston to study drawing and painting. Prior to his studies, Paul became childhood friends with Tod Papageorge, the noted photographer recognized for documenting the chaotic tension between fans and athletes in professional sports during the height of Vietnam. Swapping ideas and inspired by Tod’s recommendation, knowledge, and passion for the medium, both photographers formed a friendship that would resonate later in Paul’s career trajectory. He moved to New York City in 1967 where he was transfixed by the city’s soul and kinetic energy. In the city, Tod introduced him to renowned photographer Garry Winogrand, and so begun the transferring between souls.

Claus Jares is photographer from Argentina, mainly erotic

Claus Jares is a photographer from Argentina. Her childhood was one of coutry side and open air.
Her family movd to Buenos Aires when she was 14 ; and only a few years later, when the country was under a military dictatorship, she left it for Boston. There, immersed in the city's art scene of the early '80, her calling as a photographer became clear to her. She graduated from NESOP in 1982 and began working right away in editorial, model agencies and as set photographer for music videos and short films.
Life led her to Caracas, Venezuela, where she continued her career as a freeelance photographer for agencies, as well as participating in collective shows in the city. Back, for good, in Buenos Aires, she has never stop shooting.
She studied anthropology and classical theatre, involved both as performer and as photographer.
Her work has been exhibited in private and public galleries.

About her erotic work, she says : « My making erotic photography comes as no surprise to me: I’ve been drawn to the erotic since I was a teenager, drawn by the secrets and the mystery behind those images and its characters. Back from school at my grandmother’s house I would step in the bathroom where, hidden between the towels, lay an old porno, filled with sensual and sensitive images, and romance. It must have belonged to my grandfather, and thus to later generations… I used to feed upon those pictures, wondering on the meaning and form of orgasm, masturbation… After twenty minutes my grandma would call out for me; the food was served.
I’ve always been into sensual images, objects, clothing, shoes, stockings, which triggered ideas. I cut and glued to my bedroom walls pictures of Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Claudia Sánchez, Marlon Brando, Robert Plant, Jim Morrison…and many others more! plus my music, my records.
My room… was my kingdom, my shelter, the place where every feeling, every sensation ran through my body. It made my way into photography, and, considering my kinky teenage inclinations, it was only natural to combine the carnal with the power of creation.I’ve always enjoyed telling stories through my pictures. Enclosed, in the dark, at night… I’m thrilled by the unknown, the unlit, the irrational , the supernatural.
The women that have worked with me know and understand that this sensitivity is with me in every job, be it a portrait, fashion, or an erotic shoot. There’s always a sense of erotism in all my pieces. I’ve been lucky enough to work with people that have allowed me to take a glimpse of their souls. I often work with women, since there is a sort of symbiosis, of ease, encouraging, pleasantly gratifying for both of us. As a photographer I take pictures as I would take them to myself, which I frequently do. My strength lies in the artist, in what I am made of, a woman, a body of emotions. » Claus Jares