Thursday, November 28, 2013

Otto Stupakoff (São Paulo, 1935 - São Paulo, 2009) was a brasilian photographer

Otto Stupakoff (São Paulo, 1935 - São Paulo, 2009) was a brasilian photographer.
"The most international artist from Sao Paulo", according to Rubens Fernandes Junior, and the first Brazilian fashion photographer in the 50's, Otto Stupakoff spent more than 40 years traveling around the world. In 1965 he moved to New York, lived in Paris and then came back to the United States, where he stayed until his final return to Brazil.
When he started his work as a photographer, Otto slowly noticed a special skill: he didn't work as if he were shooting fashion editorials, but producing images for family albums. His photos looked very much like every day's life, as if they had been done during family meetings. Simple, but containing a lot of information.
Otto's talent in telling stories and his capacity in bringing up subtlenesses give us the impression of being part of photo's scene, as if we were present while he was photographing. Simultaneously to the exhibition's opening, the book "Otto Stupakoff" (CosacNaify) was launched.
Otto Stupakoff's name became a legend in Brazil and has recently been rediscovered in the country. For years, Otto Stupakoff has been talked about, but little was really known about his work. The book brings us a beautiful gathering of the photographer's work, from which his revelation of his special ability of being in love misses not. Surrender is present in every image, as if each photo were unique – or maybe the last one. All in the name of one passion: photography.

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