Thursday, November 7, 2013

Margaret Durow (b.1989), is an american photographer

"Through the lens of Wisconsin photographer Margaret Durow (b.1989), the American Midwest is a dreamy landscape of rippling lakes and harsh rock faces. Setting her subjects in contrast to these breathtaking backdrops, Durow creates magical imagesthat are at once vast in scope and also deeply personal. She cites the inspiration for her photographs as 'natural,light and quiet places.' It's The Kinks and the charged lyrics from the song Strangers 'this love of life makes me weak at my knees' that really sums up the spirit of her work." Twin Magazine Blog, 2010

"There is a strong mythological element in Durow's work. Perhaps because it makes reference to a central theme that runs through the human condition: the individual and his or her place in the world. The isolated realm of reflection where it is possible to communicate with an excessive, but peaceable, nature in which the Universe is in tune with itself in the endeavour to decipher the self and reality. In an evocation of Romanticism, the solitude of the human being confronts the magnitude of vast spaces, as if we were before a massive mirror that reflects back the very depths of our being, which shelters the atom that, in turn, like Aleph, contains the entire Universe." Devora Ran Issue 4, 2010

"It's no secret that some of the art world's most profound talents can't be found on the walls of prestigious and high-priced galleries or in the off-centre ateliers of New York, London, or Berlin. Instead you have to dive deep into the depths of the blogosphere where gifted kids are flying just beneath the view of the art world, creating secret worlds of lush imagery for the sake of personal vision. Like 20-year-old Margaret Durow from Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Working at the unusual intersection of nature's bounty, small-town America and cathartic diary, she gives us a highly intimate look at her longings, hopes, and fears through her imagery that feels highly vulnerable yet confident and strong at the same time." Lodown Magazine N. 69, 2009

« I hope my photos show you how I feel, and make you feel something personal for yourself. » / Margaret Durow.

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