Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wingate Paine (1915-1987) was an american photographer

Wingate Paine (1915-1987), was a member of a Mayflower New England family with ties to law, banking and the ministry. He broke from those traditions and became a Marine captain, connoisseur of French wine, devotee of Hatha-Yoga and finally a gifted photographer and filmmaker. Described as his “visual valentine to feminine beauty,” Paine’s series of female nudes were published in his 1967 book Mirror of Venus. This 1960s classic was printed in ten editions and features text written by Federico Fellini and Françoise Sagan. Paine later abandoned photography for sculpture. Mirror of Venus represents the culmination of his photographic career.
"In his classic "Mirror of Venus", Wingate Paine created an icon of the 1960s Sexual Revolution. Though innocent by today's standards, it pushed the limits of what was considered acceptable art photography. The book illustrated playful, strong, modern women posing in flagrante delicto for an enamored photographer. With the help of his wife, Natalie Paine, who directed a major New York modeling agency, he enlisted three remarkable models as collaborators: Sandy Brown, Carla Moliere and "Scarlet". Paine viewed his models with appreciation and respect, as well as desire. These three women stand on the threshold of sixties feminism.

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