Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sig Vicious (Siggeir M. Hafsteinsson) is a photographer, a digital artist and a graphic designer

Sig started out like so many others. A man with a computer and a vision. Letting his imagination do the work. After starting a successful career as a graphic designer in 1997, Sig started his own advertising agency in 1999. The agency won many prestigious awards over the years.

Sig today is a man who is half graphic machine and half radical artist. Both elements share one body and deliver something fresh and uplifting in a world where everything has been seen and experienced before. The matter and basis of Sig's unique style is all around us. Sig makes us look again. And see.

Sig uses his digital graphic intensity and explodes it onto a canvas, nobody is safe. Whether it's popular culture icons, politics or musicians or the firm belief in the old world.

Sig asks questions with his work, almost guerilla like but with a sense of humor. You get the feeling the artist doesn't take himself to seriously when looking at a Sig's work, or does he? That's in the eye of the beholder. As is the way of all great artistic work.

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