Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Renata Siqueira Bueno (b. 1960) is a brazilian photographer

Light in photography lights up an emotion’’. Renata Siqueira Bueno was born on 16 October 1960 in Anapolis-Goias. She lives in Sao Paulo and Paris. The Brazilian photographer invites us to share the intimacy of her unsettling dream world where landscapes and characters merge making us use our imagination. Heaven and earth meet, nature is its theatre, mystery its magnet. “My photos reveal moments, magical moments. I do not always understand what I want to photograph. Sometimes I get close. With my photos, I can travel through time, embracing the world and paying tribute to it’’.
She came to Paris to create costumes and stage designs for the plays of her favourite authors. Renata perceives breath, poetry, emotion and power, and imposes it in her work as in a painting. Both theatrical and mystical, a sublime aesthetic composition, her photographs allow her to say: “Sometimes in my pictures, I find hidden treasures. I do not hide them. They just appear. When the picture is taken, I feel like I have stolen it’’.
Renata Siqueira Bueno's photographs are like many meetings. Meetings and preparations to make a mystery appear. Meetings with the models - but who are these models - a tall woman, often with bare skin, water, rocks, trees, the curved lines of the shadows, a streak of light, and fireflies which, it is said, cannot be photographed. Meetings and waiting for what the meeting will reveal. Shot at a precise time, nothing is left to chance in the composition, the exposure time is long, a full-time activity to erase the boundaries between the presence of the landscape and its magic. These photographs do not await nor grasp nor describe anything; they simply let a state of being occur in the movement of light, in the physical forces of light that reveal the secrets of the landscape, the landscapes of Brazil more often than not. The murmur of water can merge with the folds of a rock; what is seen is not always definitely identified; what is definite is the light, the force of its play on elements and its arborescence, which introduces the tale, and even more so in recent colour prints: in the hinterland of the tale'', Bruno Bayen.

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