Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nick Ballon (b.1976, England) : photographer

Nick Ballon is an observer par excellence. With an underlying, yet gently satirical sense of humour, his documentary photography is as carefully considered as he is as a person. His portraits are wonderfully to the point, allowing his subjects to flourish in his frame, whilst his landscapes convey a poetic and timeless sense of space. He never strays far from his very own visual language, making it a recurring joy to discover what he next has in store for us.” Petek Sketcher, Art Buyer, Winkcreative
Nick Ballon was born in England,1976 to the idiosyncratic parentage of a Bolivian restauranteur, and an NHS chief executive from Petts Wood. This may account for his keen eye for the incongruous.
In 2001 Nick completed a Photography degree from Berkshire School of Art and Design, which was shortly succeeded by a spell working for renowned advertising photographers’ agency Jo Clark, giving him a good grounding in the business of photography.
Nick spent the subsequent five years working as a editorial and commercial photographer for a prestigious roster of clients such as the Guardian Weekend, Sunday Telegraph, Independent on Sunday and Monocle magazine whilst commissioned commercially for Ferrari, Mother and YCN agency. Recent personal work accolades include the The Creative Review Photography Annual and Foto8 Summer Show awarded for his personal projects at the Dunton Ford Factory and Viva Las Luchadoras! recently exhibited at the Bolivian Embassy.
As for Nick’s working aesthetic, this is defined by strong composition and a selective colour palette. It’s also shaped by a fascination with location, and the hidden stories behind them. This can range from chanced everyday observations from documentary projects, to highly produced and constructed images for advertising clients.

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