Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Maxwell Snow, b. 1984, USA : photographer

Maxwell Snow, 1984, USA, is a young photographer who's works are not always easy to digest. For his project « It's Fun to do Bad Things », he made three series, one on latin gang members from downtown La, one on the Ku Klux Klan and one on Black metal musicians from Scandinavia. Earlier this year he presented his series « Jesus is Showing me Amazing Things ». Each image has it's own story, from burning skeletons at a KKK gathering to an image of a girl who had been locked in her room for many years by her parents.
Max Snow developed his realistic style, featuring splinter groups of the American society, portraying and analyzing, deconstructing, anatomizing, decomposing them to an intensely private insight of the momentum.
On a more formal approach, Snow chooses artificially constructed settings alluring to the mystic heroes of the past in a closely knit net to his personal experiences. Not without irony the author uses the posing models to stage myth, the unknown and the macabre.
Presenting the constructed imagery, the artist invites the viewer to experience the photographers “world” for a moment. He draws the viewers’ attention to his dream scenarios , “one needs time to appreciate, rather than the obvious” (Max Snow).
“I never really mean to shock people. These are images that I've conjured from somewhere that have plagued me or visited me in dreams, or recurred in my mind, and it's less to shock, but more to say, "Welcome to my world for a moment." – Max Snow, 2010
Max’s recent exhibitions were hosted by The Moeller Snow Gallery in New York, Collective Hardware, New York and Fine Arts, New York.

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