Sunday, October 13, 2013

Max Papeschi, Italian artist, Master es subversion

Italian artist Max Papeschi is of the ever expanding school of art activism and literally nothing is sacred. With his sledgehammer subtlety and he'll have you believe the Mickey Mouse is a Nazi warlord, MacDonald's is a deathcamp, Jesus is alive and packing heat in Hollywood and Disneyland is under attack by rogue mutant monkeys. The man is as seriously paranoid as he is talented and as dire as the world he depicts is, and scary the underlying message, it's hard not to laugh the method of communicating his anti consumerist/capitalist ideals. 
After an experience as author and director for theatre, Tv and cinema, Max Papeschi starts with digital-art. As figurative artist his approach with Art-World was an immediate success among the critics and the public. His work Politically-Incorrect shows a globalized and consumerist  Society and reveals in a realistic ironical way all the horror of this life style. From the Nazi-Micky Mouse to the Ronald McDonald Butcher the cult icons loose their reassuring effect and change into a collective nightmare.  He has exhibit his works in many galleries around the world.

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