Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jonė Reed (b.1981) is a talented photograter

« Taking a page out of the legendary Francesca Woodman ‘s book is Jonė Reed, a London-based fine art photographer, muse and visionary who describes photography as “the expression of artistic freedom,” while creating black-and-white images that are both haunting and inspiring. 
On her website, she humbly deems herself amateur, but her work, which brilliantly incorporates slick, old-school, manual photography techniques, suggests otherwise.
As her own model, Reed appears to be quite beautiful, and yet she appears somewhat elusively behind the lens. The way she blends into her compositions seems comparable to an artist’s brush strokes gesturing at the female form, though it’s possible that the work apprises us of a particular mood rather than focusing on the body.
And it’s the mood of Reed’s photography that is a marvel to me: How rad things are when talent and playfulness intersect in a natural way! Her résumé doesn’t include any frills, exhibition credits, or specific branding per se, but she was featured on Trendland awhile back . In the future, I’d love to see Reed create some commissioned works, or try her hand in a gallery. »
« Mother of one, 32 years old. Photography for me is most and foremost the expression of artistic freedom. an amateur. » Jonė Reed

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