Friday, September 27, 2013

Youichi Shidomoto (b. 1963) is a photographer from Japan

Youichi Shidomoto (Japan, 1963) “My works like a shooting and making are to excavate carefully important things in profound my memories. It’s same like a “archaeological digging”. First, I start to separate “Conscious” from “Unconscious” in my enormous memories since I was born. It’s does not have a meaning “Conscious memories” for me. ”Conscious memories” work very effective for adaptability in business community. But, I feel sometimes they block up for my works (shootings).In contrast, “Unconscious memories” are very important, interesting and beautiful. However, very dfficult to find them.
My ”unconscious memories” are fear, disgust, rancor, hate, stress, bondage and powerlessness. Which is to say, they smell strongly felling of ” Loss”. I’ve shut the (Unconscious) memories away same as other people. In the process I have constructed carefully my works, I found a “reason”. By the contemplation about feeling of “Loss” and ”Depression” over long time, I can find they develop counteraction like a pendulum.I’ve felt it by shooting photographs. It’s big amazement and joy for me. It’s not always same “beauty” when I construct my works. It always back-and-forth among conflicting things like a pendulum. For example, “Life and Death”, “Truth and Lie” , “Love and Hate” and “Light and Shadow”.

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