Monday, September 23, 2013

Junku Nishimura is a photographer from Japan, Tokyo

Born in a small coal-mine village in 1967,in Yamaguchi prefecture, western Japan, where he lived until 18. Entered college in kyoto and he studied Latin American affairs. After college performed as a club DJ, worked as a construction worker and he got a job with a cement manufacturer, worked tunnel construction sites across the country as a concrete expert. And he got a Leica and he began photographing the places he worked. After 18 years working, he quit his job and photographed countries and regions wandering around the world. He now workas a freelance photographer based in Nagoya and Yamaguchi.
Junku Nishimura, a Tokyo-based street photographer, shoots with the Leica M5, or as he likes to describe it, he’s a “midnight boozer with Leica M5.” Junku has a distinctly retro style of shooting, which reflects his own reluctance to accept change and let go of his favorite worn in possessions. He is also a member of Ante Portas , a group of photographers on Tumblr who post one image, one series or sequence from their lives each month.

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