Monday, September 30, 2013

Julia Filardi (b.1978) is a photographer from Brazil

Julia Filardi was born in Bauru (Brazil) in 1978. From very early on she lived in an artistic environment: her grandmother was a naïf painter, her father was a musician and her mother was a piano and art teacher. She began her first drawing and painting classes at the age of 14. In 2002 she moved to Londrina, where she perfected her abilities in ancient painting techniques. She attended courses at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, in Rio de Janeiro, further investigating painting as a medium. There, she snapped her first shots, used in a series called "Colours-light: television fragments." In the city of Bauru she ran the Ateliê Expressão with her grandmother Myriam Sanson (1997-2011). She also taught courses in artistic drawing, painting and art history. Since January 2012 she lives in Brasilia, continues teaching in an open studio, studying at a visual arts college and is now training in Lacanian psychoanalysis.

"When we say photography, singular, we almost feel like that does not describe the art of Julia Filardi, which is plural: her work is multiple, in different kinds of register and in perceptible connections with the plastic arts. The boldness of a complete freedom in the art of seeing is especially remarkable when one notices that she always adjusts herself to capture what is in front of her eyes: sometimes, she lets her models develop actions and get in position of receiving all of it; sometimes, she directs them; sometimes, she catches the specific moment in which the forms strike a subtle and important arrangement; sometimes, she cuts out a fragment of what is commonly referred as reality, but in such a way as to render it unrecognisable, so that it will live a new visual life; sometimes, she photographs what is almost not there, the movement, or a ghostly way between two things. Her work is recent, and it is already full of visual ingenuity for the delight of those who know how to see. She is at the avant-garde of a Brazilian photography that fearlessly explores the hypotheses of the visual, and has nothing to do with a cosmetic view that makes images insignificant: her experience has a direct link with life & its changing forms and shapes, to which she always has her eyes open." text by Dirceu Villa (brazilian poet, essayist and translator)

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