Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heiko Waechter is a german photographer

Heiko took up photography in 2007, looking for another creative outlet away from his day job as a web designer. Since then he has been documenting the metropolitan landscape in his adopted home of Melbourne, bypassing the well-known tourist landmarks and rather focusing on his personal iconography, derived from a more intimate association and familiarity with inner city life.
Born in Germany, Heiko brings some of the characteristic design sensibilities of his homeland to his work. His photographs capture facets of the world around him – subjects often appear isolated from their surrounds, which allows their intrinsic beauty to shine through. Minimal in scope, images are composed by the decision to omit as much as to include certain details in the frame. The result is invariably understated, relying on form, composition and color to communicate a detached sense of wonder in the mundane aspects of daily life.”

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