Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chadwick Tyler, 1975, USA, is a fashion / fine-art photographer

Chadwick Tyler, 1975, USA, is a fashion / fine-art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work career started in art direction and corporate advertising. In 2005 he began focusing on photography, learning the basic technical competence under the guidance of still-life photographer Larry Wittek. In 2009 he had his first solo exhibition entilted Tiberius. The large exhibition was filled with beautiful female characters in black and white photographs. He played with the themes of ecstasy, hysteria, confusion, lethargy, exhaustion and more expressive emotions. He used 52 models to realise all the images for the show, often in strange positions and showing expressive faces. The result was a strong, refreshing, raw yet classy and brain triggering set of images that challenges contemporary notions of beauty. His photography has been featured in numerous magazines as Dazed and Confused, Grey and AnOther.
Chadwick Tyler is a photographer who likes to get down and dirty. The New York-based snapper has a signature gritty aesthetic, often literally using dirt to achieve his dark and grimy images. In his series Bodies of Water, Tyler takes the usual suspects (beautiful, ethereal ladies) and sticks them in a swamp, lying on the river bank and walking into the water as if in a trance. Apart from looking striking, the series reminds us of old medieval myths where maidens are lured to their death by an ancient curse. Or something.

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