Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alessandro Passerini, Italy, Photographer

Alessandro Passerini, Portomaggiore, Italy, Photographer since 20 years. Painter, sculptor and graphic designer. 
Photographer for Art+Commerce/Vogue and Art Director of Basilio CascellaItalian Art Prize and Paola Occhi Italian Art Prize. Founder of Collettivo TM15 and member of polis_artika.
He loves mountains, nature, art and arts.

What interested you about becoming a photographer?
I study photography since I was sixteen, first at school and then for work, and I'm studying still now, passionately and inevitably. I chose the visual arts by nature, because they allow me to show anyone how I see the world, and I love express myself in this way.
Where do you find inspiration to make your photographs?
There are many places and people that inspire me to photograph. Mainly my mountains, in central Italy, in a place named "Little Tibet" by the writer Fosco Maraini. I love playing with the wild horses , sheep dogs , foxes and wolves. I live on the trails of the 'Little Tibet'.
What do you most like to photograph?
I love wild animals, women, art, performers, dancers, musicians, and my mountains!
Who are your favorite photographers?

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