Thursday, August 29, 2013

Marc Blackie is an English photographer

Marc Blackie is an English photographer, film maker and occasional animator, based primarily in London. 
"My involvement with photography was a mistake, an accident, a chance meeting between a voyeur and an exhibitionist upon a dissecting table. With no formal training or intention, I began taking photographs towards the end of the 90s, out of blind curiousity rather than with any notion of artistic endevor. Despite my ignorance at the time, I was suitably pleased with the results and pursuing my new found passtime and began printing and developing my work in crawlspace dark rooms and taking photographs of friends, lovers and eventually moving on to working with professional models." 
His work been published in numerous books and magazines and he has exhibited his photographs around the world and has had his short films screened at various film festivals and cinematic events. 
"I have been making short films, taking my stylistic que from my photographs, leading to the films being very much of a further step down the rabit hole of my work, rather than a seperate entity. I also compose the music for these films, under the banner of my audio music project "These Papercuts"." 
Marc Blackie is a London based artist exploring erotic surrealism within the realms of photography, film and more recently animation. His remarkably complex and symbolic tableaux of the post-feminine condition finds beauty in a dimension somewhere between harsh realism and the darkest corners of the human psyche. It stands in stubborn opposition to the visual codes and clichés of the visual fashion in which nudes and erotic art are usually displayed. 
The most obvious language spoken in Marc's art is a satirical narrative which invites the viewer to see not just a picture but an erotic event which exceeds the boundaries of stillness and burgeons beyond the frame. He draws inspiration from the Japanese multi-context erotic art and the Dadaist movement, with an unmistakable ingredient of pornographic imagery; elements which are all blended together in a two dimensional space, forming the unusually distinguished fabric of his world.


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