Friday, August 23, 2013

Benjamin Goss is american photographer.

Benjamin Goss b.1977, houston, TX, USA, grew up just outside of NYC in NJ.
1996-2000 worked with film and TV production in NY.
2004-2005 Foto utbildning / Broby Grafiska Sunne/Sweden.
2007 Photo assistant to Mary Ellen Mark in NYC.
Living in Sweden for the past 10 years in Karlstad Sweden. 
Working as free-lance photographer, and artist with personal projects. 
« All the work represented in my personal collection is created in the darkroom, printed and developed by myself. I use everything from 35mm film to 20x25cm large format plates. Printing consists of B&W silver gelatin prints, color C-prints, Polaroid, Calotype. and archival Giclee prints. » Benjamin Goss.

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